About HBR


HomeBound Resources started when our principal owners were involved in a well that was about to be plugged and abandoned by a major oil corporation. After analyzing data from the same well logs as the big business experts, our owners believed with reasonable certainty the well would produce significantly. After assembling a small team—the team that came to be HomeBound Resources—our principal owners decided to invest in completing the well, which produced substantial oil, covered our operating costs and generated a return for those invested in its completion.

Our Strategy

HomeBound Resources has developed a business plan with a focus on developing oil and gas properties in known productive regions and fields. The properties are developed and managed by a team of seasoned industry professionals that allow for more measured and predictable results. Utilizing the combined years of expertise in the geographic regions and type of properties acquired, we are developing an extremely balanced portfolio of primary production, both PDP and exploratory, and secondary recovery projects.
We are currently concentrating on the Midland Basin, Central Platform and Permian Basin as well as the Eastern Shelf of Texas. With over 20,000 acres under management, we have significant development opportunity across the region, with more acreage being assessed for acquisition on a continual basis.
With over 150 years of combined oil and gas experience, our team consists of in-house geologist, reservoir engineers, petroleum engineers, engineering and geological technicians, regional production managers and landmen. The experience and expertise of our team allows us to conduct proper due diligence on properties considered for acquisition, exploration and development and to carry out the techniques best suited to the individual properties, be it vertical or horizontal development, or secondary recovery. We believe the best project is the one that can have the most risk removed and still provide the best return.
Our strategy is to continuously obtain properties for development with an eye for maintaining a balance of risk within the portfolio. In addition, we will continuously be look for the opportunity to exit each property if our targets are met, regardless of the state of development the property may be in at the time of our exit. We believe the best way to manage risk is to transfer it to someone else for a profit using a well-planned exit strategy!



Being a leader in Texas oil and gas operations means dedication not just to operational prowess, but also to safety. We’re proud of our reputation for both. HomeBound’s combination of expertly trained crews, rigorous self-imposed standards and strict compliance to state rules and regulations demonstrate our commitment both to keeping our environment clean and cared for, and to getting our people home safe. From every project, every time. For us, operating responsibly is never a compromise. It’s a commitment.

We’re HomeBound Resources, a diligent and robust team bound to the interests of our investors.